Trace your Inventory with QR Labels

Scan X

Traceable inventory flows in your kitchens using QR tags on food packets.

Enables adherence to inventory processes (FIFO, FEFO), reduce food waste and eliminate inventory theft, all powered by data science.

What is ScanX?

Tag all food packets with QR label.

With ScanX QR generator you can generate QR labels to uniquely identify each food packet in your supply chain.

Trace inventory flows using ScanX App.

Every-time a food packet is moves across hubs and spokes, scan the QR label using ScanX app!

ScanX also automatically ensures process adherence like FIFO, FEFO etc.

Traditional process of stock management depends on "manual data entry". We are changing that !


Production entries

Track production and packing of food in the central kitchen level.

By printing and scanning QR codes.


Track transits.

Track food packets that are dispatched from central kitchen to spoke kitchens by scanning the QR codes attached to packets.


Track consumption

Track the consumption of food packets in real-time across spokes to assess indents raised by managers.


Estimate production volumes

Estimate production volumes for the next production cycle using predictive AI.

The ScanX Advantage

Waste tracker
Predictive AI
Real-time inventory overview
Stock alert system
QR-Code based tracking
Mobile app - no hardware needed !

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